Mini Handpans, die passende Handpan für dich ?

Mini handpans, the right handpan for you?

The perfect choice for you

Mini handpans are the latest innovation on the handpan market. With a diameter of 43 cm, 46 cm, 48 cm and 50 cm, they offer a compact alternative to their larger siblings, the traditional handpans with a diameter of 53 cm or larger. These mini instruments are available in both stainless steel and nitrided steel and offer a variety of sound characteristics that differ depending on the size of the diameter.

One of the most obvious differences between the mini handpans and the traditional variants is the sound volume. Due to their smaller sound body, mini handpans tend to produce a slightly muted sound compared to their larger counterparts. In addition, scales cannot be fully reproduced on mini handpans due to the limited space for tone fields. Despite these limitations, however, mini handpans offer a variety of advantages that make them an attractive option.

In particular, mini handpans offer an ideal solution for you if you are of smaller stature and may find it difficult to carry a traditional 53 cm diameter handpan without support. Due to their more compact diameter, mini handpans also allow you to reach the tone fields more easily, enabling you to play the full scale of the handpan and develop your creative musical skills.


In our store you will find a selection of mini handpans with diameters of 43 cm and 50 cm. The 43 cm version is particularly suitable for you if you are a smaller person or a child. If you have difficulty holding a 53 cm handpan on your lap, the 50 cm version is ideal for you.

Mini handpans are not only a great option for players of all ages and statures, but are also the perfect companion when traveling. Their compact size makes them ideal for traveling and adventures. Whether you're on a road trip, a beach vacation or just enjoying your musical skills in the park, the Mini Handpan fits easily in your pocket ;D

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