Alles Wissenswerte rund um die Handpan im Handpan.World-Blog
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Feb 23, 24

Mini Handpans, die passende Handpan...

Mini Handpans sind eine kompakte Alternative zu traditionellen Handpans und sind in verschiedenen...

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Dec 27, 23

Die faszinierende Welt der Handpan...

Hast du dich jemals in die magische Welt der Handpan vertieft? Dieses einzigartige Musikinstrument, auch...

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Mar 01, 22

Tongue drum or handpan?

Within the same instrument family and yet very different - these are our tongue drums...

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Dec 15, 21

Which Her(t)z type are you?

Make your own subjective impression of the two vibration frequencies of 440Hz and 432Hz.

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Sep 05, 21

Aspects of individual handpan sounds

Each Handpan.World handpan is lovingly handcrafted by our instrument builders, processed and fine-tuned. Each...

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