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Apr 12, 22

Handpan accessories - an overview

We offer you essential and practical accessories for your all-round care of your handpan.

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Apr 06, 22

Pocket paradise Handpan.World

Bag, backpack and case: what we offer you in terms of equipment. Here you can...

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Mar 31, 22

Player ergonomics and correct posture

What height do you prefer to play at? What feels good during and afterwards? We...

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Mar 23, 22

Would you like a little...

Timer, recorder and music diary: what you could do with it to learn how to...

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Mar 16, 22

Store, play and display

You can cover up to three functionalities from our diverse selection at once!

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Mar 09, 22

It depends on the setting...

How can you create a special learning environment and what attitude helps you learn to...

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Mar 01, 22

Tongue drum or handpan?

Within the same instrument family and yet very different - these are our tongue drums...

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Jan 17, 22

How is it for you?

Different approaches can lead to the same result: namely that you find the right handpan...

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Dec 15, 21

Which Her(t)z type are you?

Make your own subjective impression of the two vibration frequencies of 440Hz and 432Hz.

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Oct 01, 21

The choice of handpan material

There are numerous different alloys and processing methods of steel that are used to build...

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Sep 15, 21

Which supplier do I buy...

There are many providers of handpans - but which one is right for you? We...

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Sep 05, 21

Aspects of individual handpan sounds

Each Handpan.World handpan is lovingly handcrafted by our instrument builders, processed and fine-tuned. Each...

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Aug 28, 21

Buy cheap handpans?

Why I shouldn't buy a (too) cheap handpan There are more and more offers of...

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Aug 27, 21

Matching handpan tunings

We are often asked about the possibilities of matching handpan tunings. When it comes to...

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Jun 06, 21

Handpan frequencies - 440 Hz...

Everything you need to know about the frequencies in handpans A great mystery for many...

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Feb 25, 21

Why do handpans go out...

Tuning stability is one of the most important factors for long-term playing pleasure. In this...

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Feb 11, 21

Buyer's Guide QuickGuide - tips...

In this comprehensive overview you will find all the important tips and links that we...

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