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Evatek Pocket Bag

€25,00 €30,00

compatible with Evatek hardcases.

Size: 60 cm width x 27 cm height x depth 16 cm

Weight: approx. 200 g

Fabric: 100% Polyester H.T. Antibacterial and moisture resistant

3 large compartments + 1 hidden front zippered compartment (perfect for money, documents and secret things)

2 strong plastic hooks

n. 2 aluminum carabiner

n. 1 belt + 2 strong hooks (plastic and iron).


Good to know:

The most important questions answered

  • What should I look out for when I want to buy a handpan?

    For a first quick overview, see our → QuickGuide Buying Guide
    It is best to choose in this order:
    1. Your supplier and thus the quality of your handpan. Read → our exclusion criteria
    2. → Material and → sound of your handpan
    3. → Frequency and → tuning of your handpan

    → Here you can find our collection of tips for buying a handpan

  • Can I pay in installments?

    Our claim is to make this dream possible for everyone who dreams of a Handpan, despite the high investment. To facilitate the financing of your handpan, we offer you the possibility of an installment loan through our partner Santander. This allows you to start playing handpan directly without having to pay the high amount at once. Instead, you can relax and finance your handpan over a longer period of up to 72 months at good conditions. Here you have the free choice of the installment amount and term. You can also make a down payment and pay off the remaining amount in installments. You can easily apply for the installment loan during the ordering process of your desired handpan. Within a few minutes, the application is approved in 95% of cases. If your application is rejected for any reason, please contact us directly.
    → You can find more information about payment by installments here.

  • Is a bag included with the Handpans?

    Because different people have different desires for a handpan case, our instruments do not include cases. Some want the simplest or cheapest option, others are looking for a solid or high quality soft case for everyday use, still others travel a lot and need the best possible protection from a hard case. Still others don't want a case at all because they only want to play the instrument at home. Maybe you come to the same conclusion as we do, that a fixed case model would be too limiting here. Therefore, we have decided not to include the bags in the price, but to offer a 20% discount on the additional purchase of additional equipment such as bags, stands, holders and maintenance supplies when you buy a handpan online. This discount will be automatically credited to you during the ordering process. Thus, there is the possibility of a free choice of bags and it is provided for every requirement of equal measure.
    → Click here for our large selection of backpack bags and hardcases for your handpan.

  • Return and Exchange

    30 days exchange possible:
    After receiving your Handpan, you have the opportunity to convince yourself of the sound quality of your ordered Handpan.
    If you are not satisfied with the delivered Handpan, you can exchange it within 30 days without any problems.

    14 days return policy:
    We adhere to the European right of withdrawal and return for online purchases. Every online retailer is legally bound to give its customers a fourteen-day return period after receipt of the delivery in exchange for a refund of the purchase price. If you want to make use of this right, please send us an email within the 14 day period to

    → All details about the right of withdrawal can be read here

  • Warranty and guarantee

    We guarantee the highest quality of sound and stability of tuning. Our instruments should remain tuning stable for 2-5 years, depending on the model. Should your Handpan go out of tune naturally within the first two years, the Handpan.World warranty will apply and we will have your Handpan retuned free of charge. This warranty does not apply to detuning due to external influences such as falls or impacts of solid objects on sound fields. Accidents of this kind can usually be repaired - of course you can use our re-tuning service for this. You can read everything about re-tuning →here.

  • How do I properly care for my Handpan?

    Clean your Handpan with a high-percentage cleaning alcohol. 2.
    2. spread the care oil on the clean and dry surface and
    distribute it evenly with a microfiber cloth. For proper
    dosage, our bottles are equipped with a pipette.
    3. to remove stains, tarnish and fingerprints can be polished with a microfiber cloth.
    4. let your handpan rest for approx. 12 hours after oiling, so that
    the oil can adhere and thus a protective patina is created.
    5. if the handpan is still greasy after soaking, simply remove the residue with a microfiber cloth.

    → Here we have compiled an in-depth article for you on the correct handling of your Handpan.

    You can find our products for handpan care → HERE.

  • Handpan.World Retune-Service

    Every handpan becomes out of tune over time. Depending on the manufacturer and processing method, the tuning usually remains stable for two to five years. However, intensive playing and strong temperature fluctuations can significantly shorten the tuning period. How long an instrument keeps its tuning therefore also depends on the treatment and care. Direct detuning can occur due to a fall or blow by a hard object on a sound field. → Read more about retuning.
    If your handpan is out of tune, you can take advantage of our re-tuning service. We will take care of the entire process. The instrument to be retuned will be picked up from you and returned to you perfectly tuned within two weeks. The costs vary depending on the instrument and the degree of detuning between 100-200€ (including insured shipping). We also undertake the re-tuning of instruments from other suppliers - but this is usually more expensive. Send us a video recording of the out-of-tune handpan when you place your re-tuning order. Play each pitch separately and improvise a bit afterwards. This gives us a first impression of the degree of detuning and allows us to better judge the effort of the re-tuning.

  • Shipping costs and delivery time

    Delivery times:
    All → directly available Handpans will be delivered within the EU in 3-7 business days.
    All other pre-ordered Handpans will be lovingly handmade for you. Depending on the manufacturer, the production time is 2-5 weeks. We will inform you about the estimated delivery time after your order and keep you informed about the status.

    Shipping costs:
    Within the EU we deliver your ordered Handpan free of charge. Outside the EU there are shipping costs depending on the region 50-100€. You will be informed about the exact shipping costs during the order process.

  • Which Handpan Scales can be played together

    The best possible combinations are either the identical scale or parallel keys according to the circle of fifths. The simple basic rule is: from the major key it is 3 half steps down to the parallel minor key, or vice versa, from the minor key it is 3 half steps up to the parallel major key.
    In addition, other tunings can be combined well.
    → Here you can find the circle of fifths and read everything about the matching hand-pan tunings.


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