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Player ergonomics and correct posture

Spielergonomie und richtige Körperhaltung

The right posture is as individual as you are

What applies in principle can of course be supported with a few tools and tips. As a key question, you can trust your perception of what feels good for you while playing and, above all, how you feel afterwards. In the right case, you will be more relaxed after playing than before. We would like to give you inspiration for how this can look like for you.

Do you love to sit comfortably cross-legged on the floor and can you relax well? Playing while sitting on the floor with your handpan on your lap may give you a special sense of unity, where you can feel the sounds and vibrations very close to your body.

Handpan on a low stand

If this seat is not comfortable for you, try placing your handpan on an elevated position, for example on a yoga block or a low stool, so that you can easily reach all the tonal fields with your hands. Maybe this position feels freer because you don't carry the weight yourself and have a little more freedom of movement? Ideally, you will find a suitable, slightly elevated seat. Our Katanui Floorstand can also provide you with excellent support for this constellation. It is collapsible to a minimum size and can therefore be transported anywhere. Incidentally, it serves as a display holder for your handpan.

Another possibility are classic seat stands, which fit normal chair heights or gymnastic balls. Presumably you have such a chair available in a very short distance anyway? In combination with a mobile stool, such as a camping stool, you can also play outside and take both with you very easily. With seat stands, we recommend that you make sure that you can also reach the tones that are farther away from the body, especially with shorter arms, because otherwise you can often bend forward, which can be exhausting and unhealthy in the long run.

Two handpans on wooden stands of different heightsA handpan on a wooden stand next to a drum in the foreground with two more wooden stands in the background

Would you like even more (movement) freedom when playing? Our Art-of-Impro and Katanui handpan stands are available in both versions as a seated stand and standing stand !
Body language accounts for more than 55% of our communication. Did you know that? For us, movement and music clearly belong together. Also for you? Then you should definitely try playing standing up. Your touch clearly changes with your posture. The more freedom there is, the more varied your game can develop. When you play standing up, the movements of your body flow into your game. You will "dance" around the handpan pretty quickly, as if by yourself, in your own rhythm - with your hands as well as with your body. If you're already sitting a lot, it's a good idea to switch to standing while playing.

A dark blue handpan on a high wooden stand

Standing stands are particularly ideal for handpan courses. If you even play in front of other people at birthday parties or on stages, your listeners can of course perceive more liveliness of you and your playing through body language.

Our Art-of-Impro collection brings you two special features: on the one hand, you can choose your ideal height from three standing heights (plus XL, without surcharge on request). So you can relax your shoulders and arms well and reach all the tones. You have literal access "around" your handpan to express your beats and melodies.
You can also order in the color of your choice. Are you looking for something unusual to present your handpan? Let yourself be surprised by the design variants in blue, raspberry or orange! We promise you a unique visual effect. Choose your design to match the chakras, your logo, your style, your clothes and of course your handpan or tongue drum or give us your taste in order.

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