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Handpan care instructions

Die richtige Handpan Pflege ist essenziell zum Erhalt Deines Instruments. Hier erfährst Du alles rund um Handpan Öl und den richtigen Umgang mit Deiner Handpan.

How do I properly care for my handpan?

Every handpan, no matter what material it is made of, needs to be well cared for. Steel always reacts with air, moisture, salts and acids, which can lead to discoloration, corrosion and rusting. Regular and proper cleaning of your handpan is therefore definitely recommended. Contrary to all rumors that stainless steel is easier to care for than conventional, nitrated steel, our experience shows that handpans made of Embersteel and other types of stainless steel are particularly susceptible to discoloration and surface corrosion. Handpan care is therefore an indispensable part of maintaining your instrument. In the following, we will provide you with instructions on how to care for your handpan properly. First things first:

1. Handpan cleaning:

By playing with your hands, fats, salts and acids from your skin accumulate on the surface of the handpan. These should be removed with a high-proof rubbing alcohol every 1 to 2 weeks . Rubbing alcohol such as isopropanol is available in every drugstore and many supermarkets, or you can order it here in the Handpan.World online shop.
Always use a microfiber cloth to clean and care for your handpan to avoid scratches.

2. The right handpan oil

After each cleaning, the handpan must be oiled again. Applying a suitable handpan care oil creates a patina that protects your instrument from the effects of salts, acids and moisture. This prevents rusting and discoloration of the material and ensures that the original surface appearance of your instrument is preserved for a long time. When caring for your handpan, use a very soft microfiber cloth to avoid scratches.

It is advisable to use professional handpan care oil for the respective type of steel. Vegetable-based oils can also be used for handpans made of nitrided steel. For the care of stainless steel handpans - this includes Embersteel - vegetable oils are rather harmful, as they contribute to surface discoloration due to their acidity. White oils made from highly refined hydrocarbons are recommended here.
The right care oil is fundamentally an elementary accessory for regular handpan care. Protect your instrument from rust, discoloration, sweat and acids.
We offer you the following oils and sets for the care of your handpan in our online store:
-> Handpan care oil for stainless steel
-> Care oil for handpans made of nitrated steel

3. How do I properly oil my handpan?

Do not use the same microfiber cloth for oiling that you use for cleaning with alcohol. Apply a few drops of handpan oil to the surface of your instrument and spread it evenly. Over time, you will learn to correctly estimate the amount you need.
Take care of the upper and lower shell of your handpan one after the other. Leave the oil overnight -approx. 12 hours.
Use the microfiber cloth used for oiling by wiping it over once after each game. This allows you to use the oil residue for subtle greasing. As a result, the protective layer remains stable until the next cleaning in 1-2 weeks.

Instructions for handpan cleaning & care with handpan oil in eight steps:

  1. Never store your handpan in a bag. Store textiles
    Moisture that affects the steel of your handpan and can lead to corrosion and rusting. Therefore, store your handpan so that it can breathe freely.

  2. Wash your hands before every game. In this way you reduce the involuntary application of harmful substances such as salts and acids to your handpan.

  3. Remove dirt, grease, salts and acids from your handpan every 1-2 weeks with a high-percentage rubbing alcohol.
  4. After cleaning, apply enough care oil to the clean and dry surface of your handpan and spread it evenly with a microfiber cloth so that the entire handpan is covered with a shiny layer of oil.
  5. To remove stains, tarnishing and fingerprints, polish with a microfiber cloth.
  6. After oiling, let your handpan rest for about 12 hours so that the oil can adhere and a protective patina develops.
  7. If the handpan is still greasy after it has taken effect, simply remove the residue with a microfibre cloth.
  8. After each game, wipe your handpan with the still oily microfiber cloth to lightly oil the surface and remove salts and acids from your skin.


Thank you!

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