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Store, play and display

Stands and holders with multiple functions

Here we show you our diverse selection of stands and holders, which we present in two categories. While the first group is primarily used for storing and displaying your piece of jewelry, the second group primarily serves ergonomic purposes - while also serving for storage and visual enrichment.

Storage and room decoration

Our entire range of stands and holders fulfills these two basic functionalities. Since closed handpan pockets are not suitable for storing handpans , you can show off the beauty of your instrument to the full with the following selection.


Handpan Up

With this decorative handpan holder you put your handpan in the spotlight. The vertical positioning in combination with the very small contact surface bring out the full beauty of your handpan.

Handpan Stand Handpan Up with silver Handpan

All sound fields are wonderfully visible. In addition, inserting and removing it feels very easy and organic. With the three fixations, two on the side and one on the bottom, the HanpanUp holder has your piece of jewelery well under control. Due to the mobility in contrast to a mounted wall bracket, you can always make your handpan shine in a new place, for example depending on the season, how the light is in your room.


all-purpose stand

With this all-purpose handpan holder , your handpan can be stowed away safely and in a space-saving manner, and it looks even better! You can choose the color according to your taste and maybe even to match your handpan rope .

Side view of general music instrument stand with handpan
If you have different instruments, the all-purpose stand is ideal because you can also place your guitar or electric bass in it, making it easier to switch between instruments.
The all-purpose musical instrument stand is also ideal as an exhibitor for presenting your handpan. Thanks to its folding function, the stand is very easy to set up without any tools and just as quickly folds back into an ideal storage size.

Katanui decoration stand

The Katanui decoration stand aesthetically integrates your handpan into your living environment. So you always have them to hand. The handmade foldable handpan stand presents your sound sculpture from the best side!

Black handpan laying in a wooden handpan stand

The slightly lying alignment in combination with the design of the stand radiates an infectious cosiness and rounds off your handpan sound body perfectly. With this stand, it is safe, stable and at the same time gently bedded via essentially three support points.
When transporting, you can grab the Katanui decoration stand by its practical handle when it is folded up.

player ergonomics

This group of stands support you in your favorite way of playing. You can easily try out which one it is in one of our showrooms near you.

Sitting on the floor

The Floorstand by Katanui is a foldable handpan stand for playing on the floor. It is handmade from wood and the height is such that you can play your handpan comfortably while sitting on the floor.

Handpan on a mini stand on the floor
This way the beauty of your handpan comes into its own even better than if you just put it down somewhere without raising it. The floorstand is very small and therefore particularly light and quick to fold up and set up again.

Sitting elevated

The Sittingstand by Katanui is a collapsible handpan stand for playing while sitting. It is handmade from wood and the height is such that you can comfortably play your handpan from a chair or a similar seat. The Sittingstand is relatively medium-sized and therefore not particularly heavy, and can be folded up and set up again quickly.

Sittingstand handpan stand with handpan

Our Art-of-Impro collection offers you a selection of stands in several intermediate sizes. They are very light and handy and ensure an optimal sound through positioning with soft felt pads.

Seat stand with handpan on terrace with garden

Play standing

Even the most upright form of handpan playing has something very special! Our Katanui stands are available as sit stands and stand stands.

Two wooden handpan stands holding handpans on their topThree wooden handpan stands with a handpan on top of the front stand
Our Art-of-Impro collection is also available in different sizes and even colors. In this way you can ensure that you have your handpan with its tone fields at the right, wonderfully playable height. You can also choose from different colors and designs.
Handpan on top of blue three-legged handpan stand on regular floor

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