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Are you looking for a suitable handpan? In the handpan showroom Almtal we offer you a varied selection of different instruments from different manufacturers to try out and buy.

Don't know what to look out for when buying a handpan? No problem, Anja will be happy to help you with her expertise and will take the time to find the handpan that best suits you. The variety of handpans is great, so it can be difficult to decide on a model. Anja can support and advise you here. Key, scale, material, shape, number of tone fields, manufacturer, price - all of this has to be weighed up.

We always have a representative selection of handmade instruments from selected handpan manufacturers to get to know on site. Every handpan maker has developed their very own approaches, processes and methods of manufacture in search of their perfect sound. This is what makes the variety of sounds in our handpan selection so unique. In our experience, the comparability of different instruments is very important in order to find the right handpan for you.

Handpan Showroom Almtal Team

Anja - Enthusiastic handpan player...

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How to find us:

Almtal handpan showroom

  • Unterswand 6, 4645 Grunau im Almtal
  • +49 172 8946249

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