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Which Her(t)z type are you?

Welcher Her(t)z - Typ bist Du?

Vibration frequency 440Hz or 432Hz

We have already summarized background information on the different frequency types for you in advance . Maybe you just want to make a subjective impression? For an immediate distinction, it is useful if you listen to different recordings or let the instruments affect you directly. You can try both types in our showrooms - we're sure to be close by!
Most handpans are tuned to 440Hz, which also makes them compatible with the western internationally tuned standard of other instruments such as guitar and piano.
In the following example video you can see identical melodies that a manufacturer personally plays on both of their otherwise identical instruments. Both have their own flair and appeal, with 432Hz sounding slightly lower, 8Hz to be precise.

Maybe you're like us and you realize: both are beautiful - simply because it's a handpan and the music is enchanting. There are things in life that you can seemingly compare and at the same time not really. What do you mean?

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