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Handpan history: New era of handpan production thanks to hydroforming

The world of handpans has experienced a groundbreaking development with Colin Foulke's innovative hydroforming technique. In his inspiring video on YouTube, Foulke presents his method, which has revolutionized the production of handpans and at the same time opened the door to a new dimension of sound.

From inspiration to innovation:

The story of hydroforming technology begins with an encounter between Foulke and a visitor from Greece. Fascinated by a hydroforming technique he saw on the show "MythBusters", the visitor brought the idea to Foulske's workshop. After months of brainstorming and tinkering, a prototype of the hydroforming machine that would redefine the production of handpans was finally created.

The advantages of the hydroforming method:

Foulske's pioneering technology offers numerous advantages over traditional manufacturing methods:

  • In-house production: independence from external suppliers enables flexibility and cost efficiency.
  • Precise results: Hydroforming technology guarantees consistent quality and perfection through physical precision.
  • Design freedom: The depth, material thickness and diameter of the handpans can be individually varied.
  • Lower investment costs: The acquisition costs of the hydroforming machine are significantly lower compared to other methods.
  • Gentle on health: The physical strain of manual production is eliminated.

Unique soundscapes:

The singing bowls produced with hydroforming impress with their exceptional sound quality. The precise shaping and uniform material thickness enable pure and harmonious tones that are deeply moving and open up new dimensions of sound.

More than just an instrument:

For Foulke, handpans are more than just instruments. They are sound sculptures that generate positive vibrations and promote well-being. His hope is that his method will inspire more people to discover and use the healing power of handpans.


Foulske's hydroforming technique marks a turning point in the history of handpans. It offers an innovative, cost-effective and health-friendly way of producing instruments of the highest quality.

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