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Guide to optimizing the sound of your Handpan


While intervention in the design of existing instruments is generally not advisable, there are options for subsequent optimization:

  • Damping elements: Our approach uses small damping elements made of closed cell foam. Similar to acoustic foam panels in recording studios, these specifically placed "baffles" are intended to interrupt the problematic sound waves inside the handpan without dampening the overall sound. The positioning of these elements requires some experience and precision work, as even experienced players can sometimes spend an hour finding the optimum placement.

Fixing crosstalk

To eliminate crosstalk, a slight modification of the tone fields on the inside of the handpan is required. This is what you need:

  • Stickers
  • magnets
  • Cork tape

It is necessary to determine the area of strongest activation on the handpan and then use one of the materials to dampen the sound fields. Detailed instructions for eliminating crosstalk and activation can be found here.

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