Die Mystik Scale - Ein Bote der Weisheit

The Mystik Scale - A messenger of wisdom

The Mystik Scale awaits you with sounds that will transport you to another sphere. Its tones are deliberately selected to create a deep, mystical mood. It is a faithful companion for meditation and yoga exercises and can help you to switch off your mind and be completely in the here and now. When you're not on the mat, you can also play the Handpan with this vibe at home to surround yourself with soothing vibrations or even to put yourself in a transcendent state. The possibilities are endless, and it's up to you how you want to explore this magical world of sound.

Here you will find a collection of handpans in our store that correspond to the Mystik Scale.

1. "Power of Peace" in Hawaiian language

The name "mysticism" has a deeper meaning that refers to the Hawaiian proverb "power of peace". In this Pan, the colors of gold and steel merge in a unique way to emphasize the extraordinary expressive power of the 12-tone scale. Similar to the end of a ritual battle, when the opponents shake hands, this pan symbolizes union and peace. It is a gentle force of understanding that bridges the gap between opposites and leaves war behind.

frau-sonne-mystisch-handpan-stimmung2. How is the scale of mysticism structured?

It begins with a great leap of a fifth, from the root note (DING) to the first note on the pan. This is closely followed by an exciting semitone step representing the minor sixth to the root. The leap of a minor third takes us to the third note, which forms the octave to the root. From this note, the complete hexatonic of the mystic tuning is depicted.

The next step is a whole tone step, followed by another semitone step, which gives the tuning its minor character. From here, the fourth step is skipped and it goes straight to the fifth. The minor sixth is repeated, and finally the mysticism concludes with the minor seventh, which was not previously used in the lower octave. In comparison to the heptatonic Aeolian mode, the fourth degree is missing here.

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