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Would you like a little systematics?

Artistic Music Notes Notation

These tools can help you learn how to play

  • Timer: Time management without distractions

  • Recorder: Recording device to reinforce your progress

  • Music diary: goals and structure of the learning content, optimization through daily reflection, ballast shedding


Minion in expired hourglass

At best, you stop your daily training in handpan championships with a timer, eg a certain technique for 25 minutes, followed by a 5-minute break, then you move on to the next exercise. The whole thing is also called Pomodoro time management. It strengthens your ability to concentrate and the timer allows you to start the exercise free of distractions without even looking at the clock. Depending on how much time you have, you can do several runs. Then it is important to extend the break after 4 x 25 minutes to give your system enough opportunity to integrate what you have just learned.
If you don't have too much time, you can of course shorten the processes, for example to 4 x 10 or 4 x 15 minutes. The breaks help you avoid tiredness and form more intensive concentration phases.


Smartphone with recording app on screen next to PC and headphones

If you have regular listeners or you record yourself then your focus usually increases as long as it doesn't make you too nervous and you are already a little practiced. You can easily compare the recording you make at the beginning of your recordings and after 3 months of regular practice, at best every now and then in between. If you can play the new technique, the rhythm, etcetera, and can easily integrate it into your music, you can learn something new again and repeat what you have already learned. Waiting for perfection can sometimes be a long wait as it takes time to discover nuances, even veteran players can always find something to improve on their already honed technique. Hearing and coordination improve over time, repetition and questioning yourself over and over again without frustration is an important key to music. Always stay optimistic, you're getting a little bit better every day.

Training diary - set goals for the way to the goal

notebook diary

When do you practice what, how fast and how long and at what speed? Techniques such as floating hand, paradiddles, rhythms, notes for optimization can be noted here. For example, you can set a 3-month goal here in a calendar overview, for example the above or other relevant techniques.

  • The structure of a journal makes it easier to form new habits because it is immediately clear what needs to be done.

  • Comparing current game skills with the game from "in the past" becomes very clear due to the focus on various techniques. If necessary, you can also enter special recordings of yourself.

  • With your daily entry in your music diary, you automatically reflect on what you can optimize. You adapt according to your level, your improvements in the various techniques, what you want to continue practicing, how long and at what speed. First successes make self-assessment easier and come about quickly due to your concentration on a few things.

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