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Handpan accessories - an overview

A handpan rarely comes alone

After all, it needs you so that you can make it sound and it can unfold its effect. Since we know that a high bond quickly develops between you and that you take great care of your handpan, we provide you with all the practical accessories you can think of for exactly this purpose. With our accessories you can put together your all-round carefree package and let your handpan heart, which will soon melt, beat faster.

Configure your all-round carefree package

1. Transport protection and transport handling in one

Found your handpan? Congratulations, take a deep breath and take some time to celebrate! The decision for this point will be sufficient in the next breath or the one after that and at the same time should not be pushed too far away. Because your valuable investment wants to get safely from A to B, if possible from the moment of purchase. For this we offer you a range of handpan cases and backpack bags, which meet different requirements and price budgets depending on the project. In this extra article we present you with a detailed list of our large selection of handpan backpack bags and accessories.

Collage handpan backpack bags with logo from Handpan.World

2. Grooming Tools

Oil bottle with handpan oil labeled by Handpan.World with colored background

Also from the very timely category, both those who play a lot and those who play a little are on the menu to protect their instrument through care. You can read all detailed information in our blog article on handpan care . You need high-proof alcohol such as isopropanol, care oil and at least two microfiber cloths, one for cleaning and one for oiling. Both isopropanol and microfiber cloths are available in every drugstore and will soon be available directly from us in a particularly attractive version.

3. Storage and player ergonomics

Almost done! From this point on, you can give yourself a little more time with your decision and, after some warm-up, determine how you prefer to play and how your local storage situation with your handpan develops best. Such a sound creature would like to arrive in peace and be approved.
A backpack bag is actually intended purely for transport and unsuitable for storage. Why this is so, we report in more detail in our article on handpan care . For the storage you can basically decide between 2in1, storage with a nice presentation, or 3in1, storage with a nice presentation including ergonomic support of a certain playing style. Check out this detailed listing of our extra article on choosing a stand or holder here .

Collage handpan stand and holder

4. Accessories

Banderl or hand panrope
Buy handmade jewelry for your handpan

Whether mackerel or in many other colors: With a handpan rope you not only decorate your handpan, but also give it a pleasant handling and soft grip. Usually, a handpan is held on the edge for gripping or passing it on, which in some variants is the bare metal edge. This can sometimes even be a bit sharp-edged or at least offers impact potential in contrast to the otherwise wonderfully rounded sound wonder. With the band you form a visually and practically very nice bridge between the upper and lower shell.

cotton gloves
White thin cotton gloves

Playing secretly on the handpan also works! With these soft gloves, you won't leave any finger marks and you can also play more quietly, since the cotton cushions the touch a little. Especially in the beginning, when your hands aren't quite used to hitting metal, you'll owe yourself every millimeter of cushioning until you're fully immersed. The practical thing about the white of the gloves is the integrated indicator function: as soon as you notice that they darken when playing with dirt, it could be high time to thoroughly clean your handpan again and seal it with a completely fresh protective layer of oil.

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