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SPECIAL OFFER Yūgen<br> F Low Pygmy | stainless steel
SPECIAL OFFER Yūgen<br> F Low Pygmy | stainless steel

F Low Pygmy | stainless steel

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Yūgen F Pygmy

Product description

We always sell off some of our exhibits. These instruments were only displayed in our showrooms and occasionally played for rehearsals. These instruments were retuned before they were sold and are in perfect condition. Purchase a greatly discounted handpan, only while stocks last.

Yūgen handpans have several unique characteristics. The first thing that stands out as optical properties is the coppery color of the special alloy and the thing that is shaped as a double stage. The sound is balanced and powerful. The well-balanced sustain makes a versatile playing style possible. The instruments made of stainless steel resonate for a long time without making percussive and faster playing more difficult. In terms of playing feel, the Yūgen handpans are somewhere between the most spherical stainless steel models from other manufacturers and handpans made of nitrided steel. In terms of sound, they bring a very special, light growl into play and also enable percussive effects. The tones are absolutely cleanly tuned and very easy to play.

About the manufacturer
The Japanese word Yūgen stands for the subtle and profound. The principle of yūgen: to express with a few words, brushstrokes or sounds the feelings and thoughts that cannot be said or shown.
In this sense, the Yūgen handpans are kept optically simple and are characterized by a clear and balanced sound. which open up a deeper world of sound than it appears at first glance.
The Yūgen handpans are made in several different tunings and in both frequencies 440Hz and 432Hz.