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Handpan soft case SimplyBag - Clean Ocean

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SimplyBag Handpan Softcase backpack bag

Product description

The Clean Ocean handpan bags come from the sea - no kidding!
Because they are made from 100% recycled PET bottles that have been fished out of our seas. Would you like a sustainable backpack bag for your handpan? Then you are exactly right here!
The SimplyBags are plain and simple. They are light and comfortable to wear and protect your handpan on the surface against light bumps and scratches. A stretchable protective ring encloses the edge of your handpan so that it lies securely in your pocket. It is perfect for everyday transport of your handpan to nature, to friends or to the studio.

Benefits of the Clean Ocean SimplyBag handpan bag:

  • 100% recycled PET from salvaged plastic bottles from the sea
  • including EVARIM edge protection system, which adapts to the diameter of your handpan and keeps it securely enclosed.
  • Super light and comfortable to wear
  • Pillow function on the back ;)
  • Durable outdoor recycled fabric (Protects down to light rain)

Technical specifications:
Max inner diameter: 62cm
Height: 32cm.
Weight: 1.8kg

Optional accessories :
Rain Cover - Cover for waterproof protection

Suitable for:
Daily Use / Train & Bus Travel / Car / Festivals / Music Tours / Park & ​​Nature Trips