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Which supplier do I buy my handpan from?

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Making a handpan is a high level of craftsmanship that requires a lot of experience and dedication. There are now numerous suppliers of handpans - not all are trustworthy and unfortunately, for many, there is no good balance between quality and price. Also read our article about inferior cheap offers , which we strongly advise against. In our tests we have not had good experiences with handpans under 1000€.
We consider where you get your handpan from to be an important consideration, for which we would like to give you assistance with the following criteria. So you can check the numerous suppliers, who sometimes seem more or less serious, for honesty and make a conscious decision from whom you buy your handpan and who you want to support with it.

1. Quality of the instruments

Not every supplier has the same quality requirements for the processing of the advertised handpans. Sound is always a matter of taste and not necessarily a question of quality. Nevertheless, some important parameters can be determined that guarantee a basic quality and make the difference to a machine-pressed steel bowl, which looks like a handpan and may sound like it to an inexperienced ear at first, but soon it doesn't joy makes more. For the Handpan.World we have set the following basic quality standards for our handpans:

  • processing method
    A clean processing should of course be given. This means, for example, no sharp edges, pronounced inconsistent surface structure or severe scratches, damage on the upper side. In addition, the top and bottom should be neatly glued.
  • Cleanly tuned
    In a handpan, a certain harmonic tone sequence is tuned in - this is usually indicated. The notes have to be right, of course. The heart rate should also fit as far as possible - slight deviations occur and are also dependent on the current temperature. However, the frequency should not exceed a tolerance of 10 pcs. You can measure whether a handpan is correctly tuned with a tuner (also available as an app). For example, we use the pano tuner. Here you can set whether you want to measure an instrument in 440Hz or 432Hz. It also shows you exactly how pcs the sound deviates.
  • tuning stability
    A correctly tuned handpan is required. How long it keeps the mood is also an important criterion for us. That musical instruments get out of tune after a while is quite normal and also applies to handpans. A good handpan should be able to keep its pitch stable for at least two years if treated with care. With high-quality handpans, however, no noticeable detuning can occur for three to five years.
    Here you can find out more about detuning and retuning.
  • Balanced sound
    The overall sound of the instrument and the interaction of the individual sound fields should be harmonious. The timbre, volume and sound effect should be balanced and harmonious within the instrument.

2. Choice & Comparability

Handpans are as versatile as we are individuals. A different world of sound suits each of us. There are so many differences in handpans in tuning, price, material, timbre, frequency, length of aftertaste, etc. that we consider a large selection and comparison of different manufacturers and handpan types, as well as prices, to be very helpful. The broader and more varied the range of the respective provider is, the more freedom you have in choosing your instrument. A large selection can also be overwhelming for newcomers, but with the right advice, the few models that are right for you are quickly narrowed down.
Handpan.World is a network of currently more than 20 instrument makers, who have all developed their very own world of sound. With us you will find what is probably currently the largest selection and variety of handpans.

3. Fair prices

The production of a high-quality handpan is a complex process. A lot of effort and dedication goes into the manufacture of a handpan, especially if the instrument maker not only wants to create a commodity, but also a soulful sound creature. In many cases, this also justifies the high prices. But not every manufacturer works cleanly and with passion. This is noticeable in the sound and "character" of the instrument and should, in our opinion, be taken into account in the pricing.
Not every handpan player is looking for the highest quality - for many, instruments with special tonal characteristics are much more interesting than a perfect sound that has been perfected down to the finest detail.
Newcomers in particular like to make compromises in the delicacy of the sound and often ask us for cheaper models.
We at Handpan.World can meet all demands with a very large price range and variety of sounds. Our aim is to create a fair and balanced relationship between quality and price.

4. Service & After Care

Your satisfaction as a handpan owner comes first. A provider should accompany you well and stand by your side. Both before, during and after purchasing a handpan. The following services are a matter of course for us:

  • Competent advice: You should feel well advised and in good hands with your questions and concerns. If you offer handpans, you should be familiar with them. Not every supplier has understood the instrument and dealt deeply with the handpan and advertise with misinformation. For example, anyone who claims that handpans are generally tuned to a pentatonic scale or who offers mallets to play with them does not seem to have even dealt with the basics of a handpan.
  • Opportunity to test: Being able to try out a handpan before you buy it makes it less likely to make a bad purchase. Not every provider can guarantee that you can test their instruments in your area. We at Handpan.World are constantly in the process of setting up more Handpan.Showrooms with experienced handpan players to enable on-site auditions.
  • Granting & compliance with a return and/or exchange right:
    According to European consumer law, you as a customer have a fourteen-day right of cancellation after receipt of the goods for online orders. This means that you can return your order without giving a reason and are entitled to a refund of the purchase price.
    CAUTION: European consumer law does not apply to providers outside the EU. They often give you a 14-day right of return. In retrospect, however, it usually turns out that this is not the case or that they only offer a credit note. In principle, we advise against purchases from outside the EU, since it is virtually impossible to enforce claims, including warranty claims.
  • Guarantee of tuning stability: A handpan should be able to keep its tuning for several years and not be out of tune after just a few months. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all handpans. So make sure that the provider guarantees a guarantee on the tuning stability. We guarantee a tuning stability of at least two years. However, most of our instruments keep their tuning for three to five years. Above all, this also depends on how you use the instrument.
  • Retuning service: Handpans become out of tune after a while and require retuning. How often depends on the load and the quality of the handpan. The greatest stress is exposure to the sun, or rather intense heat. The stress during the game is also relevant, which is why it should not be played with mallets, but only with fingers if possible. When buying a handpan, it is important to think about who will bring the handpan back into the mood. What do you do when your handpan is out of tune? If you don't have a contact person to tune in, it will be difficult. A supplier should feel responsible for you and your handpan even after the purchase and be able to offer you the option of a tuning service.
    If your handpan is out of tune, you can use the Handpan.World tuning service. We take care of the entire retuning process, from picking it up at your home to returning the perfectly tuned instrument.

Having bought a handpan is just the beginning of an exciting journey. We are happy to accompany you and provide you with everything you need to be able to find your way around:

  • Part of a network: By purchasing a handpan from Handpan.World you become part of an ever-expanding network from which you can benefit. With the planned Handpan.World passport, you can take part in events organized by our partners at a reduced price and you will receive 10% off equipment and accessories in our online store.
  • Info: The monthly newsletter informs you about news from the world of handpans, gives you an overview of events, provides you with tips and gives impulses for your further development as a player.
  • Learning to play the handpan can sometimes lead to your own limits, but these can be quickly overcome with the right inputs. We provide you with video tutorials to practice new rhythms and techniques . Our partner "Master the Handpan" offers you a comprehensive learning platform . Handpan.World members receive discounted access.
  • Workshops & courses: In our Handpan.World network there are many experienced handpan teachers who offer lessons, courses and workshops. We give you an overview of who can support you where in your playful development.
  • The upcoming Handpan.World portal will be available to you as a guide in the future and will give you a good overview of everything you need to know. You will also be able to exchange ideas with others from the community, learn from others and share your own experiences.

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