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Removing rust from hand pans: how it works


Handpans are beautifully aesthetic instruments that produce an enchanting sound. Unfortunately, they can also rust if they are not properly cared for.
This is especially true for handpans made of nitrided steel. Rust can affect the appearance of your handpan and, in the long term, even affect the sound quality if the handpan needs to be heavily treated to remove the rust. It is therefore important to remove rust as quickly as possible and even better to maintain it properly from the start.

In this blog post you will learn how to remove rust from your Handpan.

Prevention is better than cure

The best way to prevent rust on your handpan is to maintain it regularly. This includes wiping it with a clean, slightly oily cloth after every game and storing it in a dry place. YOU should also clean your handpan regularly and then oil it with a handpan oil. This helps to protect the surface from moisture and prevent rusting.

Find our detailed blog article on handpan cleaning here.

  • How to remove rust from your Handpan

If you discover rust on your handpan, you should remove it as quickly as possible. The longer the rust sits, the more difficult it will be to remove.

To remove light rust, you will need

    • Fine steel wool
    • Isopropanol alcohol
    • Kitchen roll
    • Maintenance oil
This is how you proceed:
  1. Apply isopropanol alcohol to the kitchen roll and clean the affected area.
  2. Carefully rub off the rust with the steel wool.
  3. Wipe the area again with the alcohol.
  4. Apply Handpan oil to the area.

If the rust is severe...

Contact a professional

If you are not sure how to remove the rust from your Handpan, or if the rust is severe, contact a professional. An experienced handpan builder can repair your handpan and restore it to like-new condition. The surface will probably need to be sanded down further and deeper to remove rust from the handpan.
This process damages the surface protection of the handpan, which should then be restored.

  • Tips:
    • Never use rust remover or other aggressive chemicals to remove rust from your Handpan. These chemicals can damage the surface of your Handpan.
    • Test any product you use on your Handpan on an inconspicuous area first.
    • Be patient. Removing rust can take time and effort.
    • Go to a handpan maker or other professional

With a little care and maintenance, you can keep your Handpan rust-free for years.

  • Conclusion

Rust on handpans can be a problem, but it's no reason to panic. With a little care and maintenance, you can remove the rust and restore your Handpan to like-new condition.

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