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Why you shouldn't buy a cheap handpan

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If you're looking for a new musical instrument, you may have heard of a handpan. This relatively new instrument has become increasingly popular since its invention in the early 2000s. However, there are many things to consider when purchasing a handpan, especially when it comes to price. In this article we will look at why you shouldn't buy a (too) cheap handpan and learn more about the handpan instrument.

A handpan is a musical instrument made from steel and has a unique sound quality. It has a flat, round shape and consists of two halves welded together. On the top of the handpan there are various tone fields that are struck with the fingers to produce tones. The handpan has a gentle, melodic sound and is often used in meditation and healing music.

If you are looking to buy a handpan as a beginner, there are a few things to consider to ensure you get a good quality instrument that is easy to play. A handpan can be a beautiful and rewarding instrument, but it is important to choose carefully to ensure you get a good quality instrument that will last you for years to come.

When it comes to buying a handpan drum, you may be able to find affordable models. However, these Hanng drums are often of poor quality and can affect the sound and playability of the instrument.

Here are some reasons why you shouldn't buy a (too) cheap handpan:

· Sound quality

A poor quality handpan drum will often not have the clear, precise sound that you would expect from an instrument of this type. The sound may be muffled or uneven, affecting the gaming experience.

· Material quality

A cheap handpan drum is often made from low-quality steel, which rusts or corrodes easily. This can cause the instrument to break more quickly or become unplayable.

· Playability

An inferior handpan may be more difficult to play because the pitches may not be in tune correctly. This can cause you to have difficulty hitting the notes you want to play.

· Durability

A cheap handpan is often made from inferior materials and is therefore more easily damaged. Buying a poor quality handpan can result in you quickly replacing the instrument.

Disadvantages and negative properties of cheap handpans:

We at Handpan.World regularly test cheap handpans to protect you from suppliers of cheap and poor instruments. At the bottom we have put together a collection of handpan providers that we recommend against - if possible with sound sample video.

Here is an example of what a cheap handpan can sound like:

    1. Inferior Materials: Cheap handpans are often made from inferior materials to save costs. To reduce the price, cheap metals are often used that do not provide the necessary resonance, tuning stability and sound quality. This leads to sound problems and reduced tuning stability of the instrument. Inferior materials can result in an unclear sound and affect the handpan's ability to resonate. In addition, cheap handpans often have poor workmanship.
      A handpan made of low-quality steel can quickly go out of tune and often does not sound as clear and harmonious as a high-quality handpan.

    2. Workmanship and sound quality: Cheap handpans often skimp on workmanship quality. The sound fields may not be well balanced, which may result in uneven tones. In addition, poor quality welds and unclean surfaces can affect the durability of the handpan. Poor workmanship can also lead to problems such as rusting or cracking.

      High-quality handpans are precisely tuned and offer a versatile range of playing styles. Cheap handpans, on the other hand, often have limited playability and quickly overdrive, for example when playing more intensively, faster or more percussively. In addition, they usually have uneven or undesirable sound characteristics. This can limit creative expression and reduce the fun of playing. If one is looking to purchase a handpan to enjoy its unique sounds, it is important to invest in a high-quality option.

      The sound of a handpan depends on many factors, including the materials, build quality and craftsmanship. Cheap handpans often have a limited range and less precise tuning. The tones may sound uneven or produce unwanted overtones. This can significantly impair the enjoyment of playing and limit the possibility of creative expression.

    3. Durability and Maintenance: High quality handpans are often provided with a protective coating or varnish to protect them from moisture and rust. Cheap handpans may not have adequate protective coating, which can lead to rapid rusting. Additionally, inferior handpans may be prone to deformation or cracking, especially if stored or transported improperly. Repairing a substandard handpan can be expensive and may not restore the desired sound.

    4. Lack of support and no return options: Cheap handpans often lack adequate customer support. Communication with the seller may be difficult and delays may occur with questions or issues. Additionally, cheap handpan suppliers may not offer return options or limited warranties, putting the buyer at risk.

Conclusion: When purchasing a handpan, it is advisable to invest in a high quality and handcrafted option. A high-quality handpan not only offers better sound quality and playability, but also longer durability and greater enjoyment of making music. If you want to buy a handpan, you should not only pay attention to the price, but above all to the quality of the instrument. Cheap handpans often have inferior materials, poor build quality and offer limited playability and sound quality. They may not be as stable in tuning and may require expensive repairs. It's worth investing in a high-quality handpan that offers a special playing experience and provides long-term enjoyment.

We advise against these providers of cheap handpans:

Sonodrum: Is a fairly new provider with only one handpan model in D minor in different designs. We took a close look at the handpan and the provider and noticed the following factors:

  • Mass production in China - little attention to detail
  • Insufficient tuning stability - handpan goes out of tune in a very short time
  • The provider does not offer a retuning service for their handpan drum instruments
  • The sound of the sound sample videos is clearly technically manipulated. The handpan sounds quite rattly, or rather metallic, live
  • Price/performance is not in proportion
  • Provider does not specialize in handpans. Not good advice & customer service Is a supplier supposedly based in France that offers various cheap handpans mass-produced in China. Among other things, lighttheme sells AsTeman handpans and other cheap brands that we have introduced.
We had already tested almost all of the instruments offered there before this online shop was created, as the manufacturers had of course already offered us their cheap goods. We noticed the following points in the context of this cheap brand sales and should urge caution:
1. There is no proper imprint with information about the operator (company or retailer), as is actually legally required.
2. There is no company headquarters at the specified address in France - we have had this checked. There is also no contact telephone number provided, which is what a site operator is obliged to do.
3. The right of return can only be claimed if the instrument has not yet been unpacked.
4. The General Terms and Conditions exclude all warranties and assumption of responsibility, even in cases where the dealer is legally liable.

As an overall conclusion, the site does not seem trustworthy and recommendable.

As Teman: The material used is the cheapest steel, which is actually not suitable for building handpans. The notes are not perfectly tuned and are amateurish. There is a lot of material in the sound, which makes the handpan sound very metallic.
As Teman obviously does quite successful marketing and manages to sell quite a few handpans. At least disappointed buyers always contact us and ask whether we can retune the As Teman handpans. The answer is: unfortunately no! Our tuners throw up their hands when we ask them about it. You can only retune an instrument that was once properly tuned.

Other low-cost providers are:

  • Amazon:
    YUANZHOU, MMAN, winnerruby, Jolipro, As Teman and others
  • eBay:
    Muslady, fdios, handpan.maker, VEVOR, anyukis, ryrk53, and more
  • Etsy:
    TOMOKOMAMA, MontagueBrooko, MooreNelly, MickYvetten, NovaPans, MooreNelly, TrudaToddmL

Summary - Reasons against a cheap handpan

  • Scams: Often fraudulent offers
  • Mass-produced industrial goods
  • Inadequate to lousy quality, even for the price
  • No possibility to retune
  • Generally no return or exchange option
  • Bad Advice: Little to no knowledge about handpans
  • For purchases outside the EU, there is no legal recourse in the event of a dispute and you have no opportunity to assert claims for a right of withdrawal/return or warranty.


Good quality handpans start at €1300 - experience has shown that buying below this is not advisable. If you want to buy a handpan, contact a supplier who has a larger selection of different manufacturers, tunings, materials and price ranges available. This is the only way you can compare a wide range of options and make the right decision for you. If necessary, get comprehensive and competent advice to get all open questions out of the way.
Make sure you have the option of a return and/or exchange policy. It is also important that the provider offers a retuning service. Most tuners are not specialized in retuning other people's instruments or do not accept such retuning orders.

Of course, we know that purchasing a handpan can fail due to current financial possibilities. In order to make it possible for everyone to have their own handpan, we at Handpan.World offer installment financing options. This means you can set a flexible monthly installment amount over a term of up to 72 months depending on your financial situation. Many of our visitors have already taken advantage of this option and were able to fulfill their dream straight away. Here you can find more details about the options Installment financing .

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