Die Faszination der (Low) Pygmy Handpan Scale: Eine verträumte Reise in die Welt der Klänge

The fascination of the (Low) Pygmy Handpan Scale: A dreamy journey into the world of sound

In the world of handpans, there are a variety of scales that touch the hearts of musicians and listeners in different ways. One of these scales that has been attracting more and more attention recently is the Low Pygmy. Its name might be reminiscent of the Pygmies, but its melodies tell a fascinating story of their own.

Rooted in Central African music

The Low Pygmy scale, a pentatonic variant of the Dorian minor scale, has its origins in the Central African musical tradition. This musical heritage gives it a deep and mystical atmosphere that is appreciated by musicians and listeners alike. The scale is composed of five notes played in a specific sequence, creating a dreamy mood that transports the listener to another world.

Magical repetition of tones

What makes the Low Pygmy so unique is the way in which the notes are repeated. Four notes are repeated over two octaves, resulting in a broad harmony. These repeated tones create a fascinating tapestry of sound that fills the room and appeals to the senses. It is as if the music floats into the room and touches the soul.

A look at the comparison

The Low Pygmy scale has a close relative - the classic Pygmy scale. The sound character between the two remains similar, and the pitches are also identical. The decisive difference lies in the position of the highest note. In the low pygmy, the top note is two octaves lower and thus represents the tone of the "DING". This creates an ascending fourth between the "DING" and the first note. In other words, the first note, and not the "DING", becomes the tonal center in the Low Pygmy, which gives it a unique sound. Overall, the LOW version has an even more floating effect in comparison and takes the listener on a special sonic journey.

The renaissance of the Low Pygmy

The Low Pygmy scale is enjoying growing popularity in the world of handpans for good reason. Its pentatonic arrangement of notes makes it easy and intuitive to play, even for beginners. The melodies that can be created with it radiate a melancholy and dreamy atmosphere. The tone arrangement opens up a huge melodic horizon on which musicians can unleash their creativity.

Whether you are an experienced handpan player or a curious beginner, the Low Pygmy scale offers a rich world of sound to explore. Immerse yourself in the dreamy sounds, be inspired by the history of this scale and get ready for a musical journey that will touch your soul.

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