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Ashakiran, Sabye Handpan Scale - Hope in musical harmony


In the fascinating universe of music, there is a unique scale called Ashakiran. The name, translated from ancient Indian, means "ray of hope", and that is exactly what it brings to the world of tones and melodies. Ashakiran belongs to the major variations and captivates with its uplifting character. In this blog post, we will take an in-depth look at this special scale and explore its fascinating facets.

The Ashakiran scale is characterized by a raised tone on the fourth degree, which makes it a Lydian scale. Compared to the classical major tuning, also known as Ionian, Ashakiran seems even more joyful and radiant. It is no surprise that the Lydian mode is often used in many traditional music styles, including the lively forrò music of northeastern Brazil. This scale literally bursts with positive energy and radiates joie de vivre.

However, Ashakiran has much more to offer than just musical enthusiasm. It also has a deep connection to music therapy and is ideal for free intuitive playing. This scale can help you surround yourself with healing sounds and uplift your mood.

"Ashakiran" is also the nickname for Sabye, a musical addition that further expands the scale. With a higher tone field, Sabye Ashakiran adds even more tonal variety and depth.

The sequence of notes in Ashakiran begins with an uplifting fourth leap from the DING to the first note, which acts as an upbeat. From here, the notes rise gradually until a small leap of a third from the seventh note leads upwards, causing the note to float an octave above the DING. This gives the sound a certain openness, as it unfolds freely in the upper octave range. In this scale, major triads are created on the first, second and fourth notes, while minor triads are heard on the first, second and third notes. Ashakiran gives you light, encouragement and good energy, and its harmonic vibrations will inspire you.

In a world where music is the language of emotions, Ashakiran opens up new possibilities to experience hope and joy through melodies and sounds. Whether you are a musician, therapist or simply a lover of harmonious music, Ashakiran is an enrichment that will awaken your senses. Let yourself be inspired by this ray of hope and immerse yourself in the world of Ashakiran scales.

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