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Handy & rear light

Welcome, Team Turtle! :) Having a nice spine shield offers several advantages at the same time. On the one hand, a mere handpan with its elegant weight of around 5 kg, which is distributed over a diameter of approx. 53 cm, with its aesthetic shape, apart from the edges on the outside and inside of the Gu, has a very limited haptic grip and thus a rather limited one portability. Above all, a backpack bag offers your handpan important protection for transport, so that it is protected from scratches and mechanical damage during your projects. In this way you guarantee the preservation of their natural tuning stability.
Embedded in one of our handpan backpack bags, you can conjure up comfortable and practical carrying comfort for close-fitting travel options with your favorite item.

In this overview we present our little bag paradise. Since the most suitable solution is very individual for different people and concerns, we have decided to make the prices of our handpans exclusive of the cases. This means that the instruments, the actual heart, are a little cheaper and you can choose from our wide range which design and handling you like best. After all, some people fall in love with their very own combination of handpan and handpan backpack, which accompany you on your way.
In general, our handpan pockets are divided into two categories. Soft cases mean all backpack bags that are made of soft padding. Hard cases, on the other hand, always have a form of hard shell that can even absorb heavier mechanical shocks.

soft cases

Soft cases are the cheaper option in terms of price because they require less effort and testing to manufacture. Accordingly, they guarantee protection up to a certain physical stress limit. They are usually a little lighter and automatically nestle against the back. They vary in padding thickness as well as padding material.

Soft Case Pro

Handpan embedded in soft case

Our Softcase Pro is cuddly to lie in! What feels pleasantly soft for people also means a comfortable bedding for your handpan. An approx. 4 cm thick synthetic synthetic skin is sewn into a water-repellent synthetic cover. The combination of a black cover and a bright white interior gives it a special look. The practical Velcro fastener on the carrying handle prevents accidental opening should you - for whatever reason - not completely close your zipper.

Nursery soft case

In addition to first-class handpans, we obtain other useful and beautiful equipment from our maker Pantam daycare center , including our Kita Softcase .

Handpan soft case with Kita Pantam logo

The Kita Softcase is available in different color combinations of a main bag and a practical side compartment, which offers you storage space for all care accessories or notes and handpan literature. On the back you have a comfortable, thin back padding and two nets for drinking bottles, for example. The padding consists of approx. 3 cm of sewn-in foam, which cushions your handpan softly and absorbs mild shocks. The daycare softcase looks very chic and elegant.

SmartyBag Clean Ocean

With the purchase of the SmartyBag Clean Ocean , you contribute to a small piece of a more ideal world through upcycled plastic waste and benefit from a whole range of special additional equipment.

Side view of Handpan Softcase backpack

The SmartyBag also comes with an extra inner pocket, which is particularly useful for care accessories and game utensils, so that you can carry them with you directly with your handpan. For special protection of your handpan, the interior of the SmartyBag Clean Ocean consists of a cushion for the thing and an additional edge protection system, which buffers lateral impacts. We find the SmartyBag pragmatic, practical and very good - especially as a comfortable trekking backpack for longer excursions, uh, walks.

hard cases

In contrast to a pure cushioning of shocks or impacts, as is the case with the soft cases, the hard cases do not transmit them to your hand pan at all, except for a resulting overall vibration, which in turn is absorbed by the inner padding. You can think of it as a closed cocoon with a hard shell that is very soft on the inside. Mechanical deformation energy acting from the outside is absorbed by the hard shells. To send it by post, you could, for example, send your handpan protected in a hard case in the package without your handpan being damaged by mechanical and manual tossing around to the extent that is usual in the post. If you transport your handpan together with other storage material, for example in the trunk with other objects, you can also stack a hard case up to a certain load limit.

Evatek Pro

A particularly popular hard case is our Evatek Pro .

Front view of Handpan Hardcase with addon bag

Consisting of two chilled cast plastic shells and a soft, approx. 2 cm thick inner foam, the Evatek Pro is a real all-rounder. You can equip it with a pocket bag to store notes or care items. The optional EvaPad back support increases the wearing comfort even further.

Avaya fiberglass

Fiberglass is known for its very high rigidity and therefore stability. Our Avaya fiberglass hardcase convinces with functionality, safety and beauty. A multiple closure system seals the rubber overlaps of the opening wonderfully.

Side view of handpan hardcase in turquoise
The interior of the Avaya fiberglass hardcase is particularly beautiful and practical in one. The inner lining feels soft and stands out in terms of visual beauty. There are also two inside pockets in which you can store your care items. The carrying comfort is also particularly comfortable thanks to the back padding.

fly roll

Our Flyroll is always worth a trip in the truest sense of the word. For baggage drop-off at the airport, we only recommend the Flyroll. Even if you don't use it primarily in air traffic, the weight of the handpan and case, which is quite heavy in the long run, gets it rolling with a flick of the wrist. So you simply pull your trolley companion next to or behind you.

Handpan hard case trolley

The Flyroll also comes with practical features. The interior consists of two removable half-shells, which in turn result in a hard case backpack. So you have 2 in 1 : a pull-out trolley and a handpan bag that can be carried on the back. Thus, the Flyroll is our absolute crème de la crème in terms of functionality and safety during transport.

bag accessories


Maybe you haven't thought of that yet? Especially with a hard case, you don't even notice from the outside whether your darling is actually with you - you would only notice it by the weight. In order not to give thieves the chance at all, we recommend locking your special luggage with this SmartLock when you are out and about.

Security lock with numbers


All of our cases are water repellent to some degree. However, the soft cases in particular would absorb moisture from intensive rain.

Orange Raincover protects Handpan bag
We therefore recommend our Raincover as rain protection . You can keep this handy with your care utensils.

EvaPad back support

Comfortable, more comfortable, EvaPad back support ! For an optimal wearing experience.

Handpan hard case in blue
At the end of the day, it's the little features that make all the difference. With the EvaPad back support, you're already looking forward to the next piggyback, simply because it's so comfortable!

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