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Are you looking for a suitable handpan? In the Handpan Showroom Franken we offer you a varied selection of different instruments from different manufacturers to try out and buy.

Don't know what to look out for when buying a handpan?

No problem, I, Leonardo, will help you with my expertise and take my time to find the handpan that best suits you. The variety of handpans is great, so it can be difficult to decide on a model. Here I can support and advise you. Key, scale, material, shape, number of tone fields, manufacturer, price - all of this has to be weighed up.

We always have a representative selection of handmade instruments from selected handpan manufacturers to get to know on site. Every handpan maker has developed their very own approaches, processes and methods of manufacture in search of their perfect sound. This is what makes the variety of sounds in our handpan selection so unique. In our experience, the comparability of different instruments is very important in order to find the right handpan for you.

We offer you:

Large selection

We always have a representative selection of handpans from numerous manufacturers to try out on site. A large comparability of different tunings, materials and price ranges is the most important basis for the right choice.

Personal advice

We introduce you to the world of handpans. We will explain the differences and what you should look out for when buying your handpan. We will respond to your questions and preferences and together we will find the right handpan for you.

Handpans as desired

You also have the option of having handpans of your choice from our online range sent to one of our representatives to try out. One delivery is free - for each additional delivery you bear the shipping costs.

Handpan accessories

With us you will not only find your new handpan instrument, but of course also all the necessary accessories and equipment, such as handpan bags & cases (hard case or soft case), handpan stands and holders, as well as handpan oil and care accessories.

Workshops & Lessons

Would you like to learn to play the handpan and need support and impulses? We offer handpan lessons in the form of individual lessons but also handpan courses and workshops in groups. If you are interested please contact us.

installment financing

We also offer a variety of payment options in our local Handpan shops: purchase on account, instant transfer, Paypal, cash payment. You can also buy your handpan using installment financing.

Handpan Showroom Franken Team

Leonardo Lerna - Handpan Player & Teacher

I am Leonardo, 41 years young. Music has accompanied me since my youth. I discovered the djembe drum when I was 15 and was fascinated by the rhythms.

About 10 years ago I got to know the handpan. At that time the player was a street musician who immediately cast a spell over me.

3 years ago I was finally able to fulfill my dream of having my own handpan. This wonderful instrument enchants my life. Not a day goes by that I don't play.
I own two handpans, one in A minor and one in B2 celtic

I would be happy to pass this enthusiasm on to other people. Now that I own the premises, I figured why not use it for my passion. And accompany people who are interested in this instrument on their journey. That's how I found Handpan.World. Interested people are always welcome. I have the patience to advise people and to stand by them with the first notes.

I would like to invite you to discover, try out and discover the handpan in our former theater hall.

To the Handpan Showroom Franken

Handpan Showroom Franken

  • Mitteldachstetten 24, 91617 Oberdachstetten, Germany
  • +4915229292256

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