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FAQs - Everything you need to know about your purchase at Handpan.World

Our FAQs inform you about the most important questions about Handpan.World:

Is a bag included with the handpans?

The instruments we offer do not include bags, as everyone has different requirements for a handpan case. Some want the simplest/cheapest option, others are looking for a solid or high-quality soft case for everyday use, others travel or travel a lot and need the best possible protection from a hard case. Some people don't want a bag at all because they only want to play the instrument at home. You see, it makes no sense to offer a fixed bag model directly. We have therefore decided not to include the bags in the price, but to offer a 20% discount when purchasing a handpan online when ordering equipment such as bags, stands, holders and care supplies (for a maximum of 3 products). This discount will be automatically applied to you during the ordering process.
This means you have the opportunity to freely choose your bags and every need is equally catered for.
-> Click here for an overview of the handpan accessories (bags, care equipment, stands and holders)

Is installment financing possible?

Our aim is to make it possible for everyone to have the dream of owning their own handpan despite the high investment. To make it easier to finance a handpan, we offer installment financing at fair conditions. This allows you to start playing the handpan straight away without having to pay a large amount all at once. Instead, you can relax and finance your handpan over a longer period of up to 36 months at good conditions. You have the freedom to choose the installment amount and term. You are also welcome to make a deposit and pay off the remaining amount in installments.

Overview of the installment conditions by term:
  • 0% financing with a deposit of at least 50% and a term of the remaining financing of max. 6 months
  • For terms of up to 12 months: special conditions of 4.90% effective annual interest rate
  • For a term of 12 to 24 months, the effective annual interest rate is 9.1%
  • For a term of 24 to 36 months, the effective annual interest rate is 12.9%
-> You can find all information and details about our installment agreement here.

Which payment options are available to me?
You can easily select your preferred payment method during the last step of the ordering process (payment). We accept all common payment methods such as advance payment, credit card, debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Bancontact, EPS, Google Pay, iDeal.
To finance your handpan, it is best to contact directly by email

Is there a guarantee on handpans purchased from Handpan.World?

We guarantee high sound quality and tuning stability of our handpans. Depending on the brand and model, our manufacturers' instruments maintain their tuning for three to five years. There is a two-year warranty on tuning stability - in the event of a mistune within the warranty, we will grant it a free retune.

This guarantee does not apply to detuning caused by your own fault or external influences such as falls or solid objects striking sound fields. If the device is out of tune due to accidents or improper handling, you can use the paid Handpan.Word Retune service. Even after the warranty has expired, we will of course take care of retuning the handpans purchased from Handpan.World. The costs vary between €150-300, depending on the model and the degree of detuning.

How long does it take for my handpan to be delivered?
All directly available handpans are delivered within the EU in 5-14 working days.
All other pre-ordered handpans are lovingly handcrafted for you. Depending on the manufacturer, the production time is 3-10 weeks. After you place your order, we will inform you about the expected delivery time and keep you informed about the status of things.

Do I have to pay shipping costs?
Within the EU we will deliver the handpan you ordered free of charge. Outside the EU, shipping costs €50-100 depending on the region. You will be informed about the exact shipping costs during the ordering process.

Right of return and exchange of your handpan purchased at Handpan.World:

30 days exchange possible:
After receiving your handpan, you have the opportunity to see for yourself the sound quality of the handpan you ordered. If you are not satisfied with the handpan delivered, you can exchange the handpan with us within 30 days without any problems.

Exchange regulations:
We grant a flexible exchange policy for Handpan instruments. The exchange periods apply from receipt of the goods. If you want an exchange, please contact Handpan.World Support:

The rules for exchange options are set out below.

  • A free exchange is possible within 30 days
  • Exchanges via Handpan.World Support are free of charge. If exchanged on site in a Handpan.World showroom, a flat rate of €50 will be charged.
  • If a new exchange is desired, an additional processing fee of €50 and €30 for shipping (outward and return shipping) will be charged.
  • Even after the 30-day exchange period has expired, an exchange can be granted if the instrument is in perfect condition. In these cases, we charge a flat rate usage fee of €150 per month or part thereof after the 30-day exchange period has expired.

14 day return policy:
We adhere to the European cancellation and return law. For online orders and other distance selling contracts, every provider is legally obliged to grant the customer a 14-day right of cancellation . This can be claimed within fourteen days of receipt of the goods without giving reasons. According to Section 312 d Paragraph 4 of the German Civil Code (BGB), custom-made products made upon customer request are excluded from the right of withdrawal.*

If you want to make use of your right to return, write us an email to within the 14 day period
--> All details about the right of withdrawal can be found here

* Custom-made products upon customer request:
According to Section 312 d Paragraph 4 of the German Civil Code (BGB), custom-made products made upon customer request are excluded from the right of withdrawal. This applies to handpans that are not directly available but must be made in advance - especially those with bottom notes. Of course, there is still a warranty obligation for the correctness of the ordered goods, tuning stability and correct tuning. Defects must be reported immediately after becoming aware of them and Handpan.World must be allowed to remedy the defect. In addition, as a gesture of goodwill, Handpan.World also grants a 30-day right to exchange custom-made items - in the end, we want every Handpan.World resident to be happy.

Can I have my handpan retuned at Handpan.World?

If your handpan is out of tune, you can take advantage of our retuning service. We take care of the entire process. The instrument that needs to be retuned will be picked up from you and delivered back perfectly tuned within four to six weeks. The costs vary depending on the instrument and the degree of detuning between €150-300 (including insured shipping).

We do NOT undertake retuning/retuning of third-party instruments:

-> Find out more about the Handpan.World Retune service here