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Have your handpan retuned - The Handpan.World Retune Service

We at Handpan.World offer a Handpan Retune service. Our handpan maker Ramon retunes a handpan drum instrument.
Is your handpan out of tune and needs professional retuning? No problem, you can have the handpan you bought from Handpan.World retuned with us. We take care of the entire process. The instrument that needs to be retuned will be picked up from you and delivered back perfectly tuned within four to six weeks.

When you retune the order, send us a video recording of the out-of-tune handpan. Play each tone field separately and then improvise a little. This gives us a first impression of the degree of detuning and allows us to better assess the effort involved in retuning.

We generally only retune handpans that were purchased in the Handpan.World network. A retuning / retuning of We do not accept third-party instruments from other providers. Every handpan manufacturer or supplier should do their own retuning of the ones they sell Take care of handpan drum instruments . Unfortunately, experience shows that this is not the case with many handpan dealers or handpans purchased in music stores .

Handpan Retuning Service within the Handpan.World Guarantee / Warranty:

We guarantee high sound quality and tuning stability of our handpans. Depending on the brand and model, our manufacturers' instruments maintain their tuning for three to five years.

There is a two-year warranty on tuning stability for all handpans purchased from Handpan.World. In the event of a mistune within the warranty period, we will retune it free of charge.
This guarantee does not apply to detuning caused by your own fault or external influences such as falls or solid objects striking sound fields. If the device is out of tune due to accidents or improper handling, you can use the paid Handpan.Word Retune service. Even after the warranty has expired, we will of course take care of retuning the handpans purchased from Handpan.World. The costs vary between €150-300, depending on the model and the degree of detuning.
Process of the Handpan.World retuning service:
→ Video recording: To verify and assess the detuning, we need a video in which each note is played individually and a tuner (also possible as a mobile phone app) clearly shows the measured notes/frequencies. Please email this video and request for a retune.
If we can detect a mistune, we will send the handpan owner a shipping label.
After a successful retuning, we send the freshly tuned handpan back to the owner. The whole process usually takes 3-6 weeks, depending on the current workload of our tuner.
→ Nachtimm service within the guarantee period: As a reference of the remaining guarantee period, send us the purchase invoice you received from us. You only cover the shipping costs over €60 for an insured return shipping of the handpan.

Note - No retuning of out-of-tune handpan drum instruments from other providers:

We ONLY tune instruments from the Handpan.World network.
We receive numerous requests for retuning orders for inferior instruments, mostly purchased on the Internet, for example on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, etc.
Our tip: We advise against buying a cheap/inexpensive handpan on the internet.

But experience has shown that even better-known brands from music stores such as MEINL, Fame, PanAmor, Terre, etc. have immature tuning stability. This is not surprising since they are mass-produced goods that are manufactured in large workshops without sufficient time or attention to detail.

We have received quite a few requests for the retuning of cheap products, mass-produced products or poorly built handpan drum instruments where retuning was no longer possible. Only well-built handpans can be retuned.

When buying a handpan, we recommend choosing quality and a provider who also offers a professional retuning service. Adequate quality does not always mean the top price shelf. We at handpan.World now also offer very affordable handpans between €1000-1500 with exceptional sound and tuning stability.
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